[INSIDE THE RIFT] Interview With Hip-Hop Duo, PENPALS.

PENPALS is a hip-hop duo out of New York that is paying homage to the old school sounds and flavors. The group (consisting of Cynic the Apache and MC Rapswell) has done an admirable job of reviving the classic sound of sample based, boom bap hip hop.

With their dense, multiple syllabic and comical delivery, the duo has been making waves in the underground scene for some time now. Their latest release, “Made for the Underground” is a collaborative effort with the producer tag-team of The Slipmat Bros. The project is a perfect representation of the power and potential of this collaboration as it showcases the talent of each artist.

I spoke with the group about their inspirations, their friendship with The Slipmat Bros. and the inner workings of the PENPALS project.