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RapswellCynic The Apache and Squires aka New York’s own PENPALS follow their self-titled 2015 album with To Whom It May Concern. Tracks from in-house producer Squires rub elbows with production from The DoppelgangazQuelle ChrisLoupoLars ViolaDamn Ricky and Anzem.

[EARMILK] PENPALS deliver the goods on "To Whom It May Concern"

NY trio PENPALS come through with nothing but bars on their latest LP titled "To Whom It May Concern" 

Made up of two rappers Cynic The Apache and Rapswell and producer Squires, the trio bring what we would call ballsy off-kilter rap on their aforementioned project. The rappers blend humor and sharp wits into their lyrics while the producer completes the cipher with that good old head nodding boom-bap that we all love. For the most part, Cynic and Rapswell sound so natural together and it's always a joy to hear them trade couplets on some of the tracks on the project.

The project ignores the traditional intro and kicks off with a dark, hard-hitting joint titled "Sho Nuff" and trust when we say it is pure rawness from start to finish. While most of the cuts are half serious in subject matter tracks like the tech-conspiracy meditations on standout single “Hi Tech”, the spiritual musings on the Quelle Chris-produced, “Up To The Sky.” and the struggle anthem “So Real It’s Real” produced by The Doppelgangaz, show how really serious the rappers can get when it comes down to relatable topics. As Rapswell explains, the group worked passionately to make this their best project yet, and he’s hopeful they can continue pushing themselves and further grow their audience. Get the audio on iTunesBandcamp.
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[HIPHOPSINCE1987] NYC’s PENPALS Drop Quelle Chris-Produced Album Single, “Up To the Sky” & Visuals for “Hi Tech”

New York rap three-piece PENPALS are on a whole other level of existence with their latest single, “Up To The Sky,” a psychedelia-laced burner produced by Quelle Chris off their highly anticipated new album, To Whom It May Concern.

For those unfamiliar with the buzzing trio, the PENPALS are made up of two rappers (Cynic The Apache and Rapswell) and a producer (Squires) who have been delivering mind-melting Hip-Hop for the past few years. However, it’s this latest project that serves as a culmination of their passion for the genre—and for turning it completely on its head.

PENPALS embrace their otherworldly leanings throughout “Up To The Sky,” a track that dissects and references a variety of philosophical and spiritual beings. But instead of getting lost in a discussion of a higher power, Cynic and Rapswell use the subject matter to their advantage by delivering brain-twisting bars that include “Summon Cthulhu huffing glue out of a paper bag” and “We the sound of the shocking behavior/ Shaving whispers off my face with Occam’s razor.”

The single is a fitting follow-up to their previously released video, “Hi Tech,” in promotion of TWIMC. Directed by Ryan Nocella, the visuals center on the conspiracy theory-soaked rhymes of Cynic and Rapswell, whose tin foil antics take them to a number of unrecognizable, bunker-esque locations. It’s a trip, and one that even further encapsulates the PENPALS’ m.o.

Both “Up to the Sky” and “Hi Tech” are now available through all digital retailers, and can be purchased for instant grat off the iTunes pre-order for the full length release of To Whom It May Concern, which is due out next Friday, June 01. The 13 track LP, in available now for pre-order via Brick Records.

[RESPECT MAG] PenPals Team Up With Quelle Chris & Uglybraine for Ultimate Event [2/11]

Squires, The Cynic, & Rapswell make up the squad of PenPals. Being based out of Brooklyn, you already know what to expect: nothing less than rugged beats and hard bars. Penpals is choosing to give back to the community with an event in honor of all their work. Celebrating the releases of OG Aborigines’ Rice Krispy Treats (2016), PENPALS x Jazz Spastiks’ Made for the Underground (2016) &
Cynic The Apache’s Get The Gringo II (2017), they will be celebrating at Friends & Lovers on February 11th. The doors will open at 7 pm and the show starts at 8pm.

“What we haven’t given you in a while is a PENPALS Party and we’ve invited some friends to help us throw one.”

Purchase tickets online for $10 and get a free beer courtesy of Best Case Scenario. There will be performances from Quelle Chris, Doron Lev & Uglybraine with DJ Dyllemma on the 1’s and 2’s.

[INSIDE THE RIFT] Interview With Hip-Hop Duo, PENPALS.

PENPALS is a hip-hop duo out of New York that is paying homage to the old school sounds and flavors. The group (consisting of Cynic the Apache and MC Rapswell) has done an admirable job of reviving the classic sound of sample based, boom bap hip hop.

With their dense, multiple syllabic and comical delivery, the duo has been making waves in the underground scene for some time now. Their latest release, “Made for the Underground” is a collaborative effort with the producer tag-team of The Slipmat Bros. The project is a perfect representation of the power and potential of this collaboration as it showcases the talent of each artist.

I spoke with the group about their inspirations, their friendship with The Slipmat Bros. and the inner workings of the PENPALS project.

[BOI1DA PREMIERE] Brooklyn Trio Pen Pals Release Their Self-Titled Debut Album

From time to time this game throws a surprise at me, today it done just that as I was introduced to Brooklyn trip Pen Pals. Their debut album was actually forwarded my way five days ago but it accidentally slipped under the radar. I got to it today though and man am I glad I peeped.

New York’s music scene to me, is still one of the strongest, you just have to dig a little deeper than you would of used too. This Brooklyn trio are the perfect example of the talent that can be found in the underground of the big apple. The album has a very nostalgic sound to it, you could say it has your typical NY sound. The production throughout has a very 90’s feel, something that has seemingly gone missing in today’s game. It’s nice to hear this, over the production the trio got busy, I can’t state that enough. These guys can spit and it’s about real shit too. The album comes with one guest feature in Jammi Bass. My personal favourite from the album is ‘R. Crumb’, man these guys went in on that one and that production got me breaking my neck over here. If these three or their manager could get in touch with me it would be appreciated.

Stream the album down below or purchase over here.

[RESPECT MAG] Listen to New Music From PENPALS – “Trip to Peru” (prod. by Lars Viola)

After building a steady buzz over the past few years, Brooklyn trio PENPALS reveal one of their strongest tracks to date with their new single, “Trip to Peru,” featuring dusty production by Lars Viola.

For those unfamiliar, the PENPALS are rappers Cynic the Apache and Rapswell, with producer Squires behind the boards. And to date, they’ve made waves in the NYC underground and elsewhere with several ill projects, like their 2015 self-titled debut, which was followed-up the following year with, Made for the Underground, produced entirely by Jazz Spastiks (a/ka/ The Slipmat Brothers). With “Trip to Peru,” the group sounds more focused than ever over Viola’s jazzy, piano-heavy instrumental.

In addition to delivering sharp and clever wordplay throughout the track’s verses, Cynic and Swell wisely bring their humor to the chorus as well. Their Wheel Of Fortune-referencing lyrics are as absurd as they are catchy, to the point you’re likely to have “We got it down pat/ Sajak” for the next week (or more).

There’s no word yet on when we’ll hear a new project from the trio, but we should be in for another stellar installment in their discography if “Trip to Peru” is any indication. Give the track a spin right here courtesy of RESPECT., and then head over to the digital retailer or streaming platform of your choice to support!

[ARTISTIC MANIFESTO] PENPALS takes off on a “Trip to Peru”

New York’s PENPALS hits me with their latest track, “Trip to Peru.” The three man collective (consisting of emcee’s Cynic the Apache and Rapswell, with Squires handling production) puts a clever spin on the classic game show, Wheel of Fortune.

To date, they’ve made waves in the NYC underground and elsewhere with several ill projects, like their 2015 self-titled debut, which was followed-up the following year with, Made for the Underground, produced entirely by Jazz Spastiks (a/ka/ The Slipmat Brothers). With “Trip to Peru,” the group sounds more focused than ever over Viola’s jazzy, piano-heavy instrumental.

Stream the Lars Viola-produced track below and via digital platforms.

[EARMILK PREMIERE] Take an all-inclusive "Trip to Peru" with PENPALS [Premiere]

With their latest single, “Trip to Peru,” Brooklyn-based trio PENPALS delivers an instant classic and pleasant departure from the watered-down white noise on the airwaves. The laid-back hook — equipped with a clever Pat Sajak reference that Wheel of Fortune faithful will dig — is scrumptiously chill and smoothly figure-eights over Lars Viola’s dusty, nostalgic piano sample. Before even hearing the verses, it’s clear from the tippy that these dudes from BK spit BIC razor blades.

The EARMILK premiere of "Trip to Peru" continues PENPALS' foray into NYC's hotbed of underground talent. The group, composed of rappers Cynic the ApacheRapswell and producer Squires, has built up some serious buzz over the past few years thanks to well-received projects like Made for the Underground and their self-titled debut. "Trip to Peru," a loosie, proves that PENPALS still has plenty to say and surely will drop some more fuego blaps in the near future.

If you're funkin' with the golden-age vibes above, slide on over to your favorite streaming platform and show some love!

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